JOY Law: Who gets the kids when a relationship ends?


JOY Law for LGBTI community and rainbow families

Kris talks to Jacq and Dene about what happens with the kids after relationships end.

We chat about:

  • co-parenting post-separation
  • emotional burdens you face when dealing with the breakdown of your relationship
  • family law and the powers available to the Victoria Police, include welfare checks
  • ‘over-holding’ or abducting a child
  • Court Orders, and enforcement of Court Orders
  • developing a parenting agreement, and reviewing it from early childhood though to teenage years.

JOY Law – on-air and via podcast

The team from KHQ Lawyers join Rach, Jacq and Dene for ‘JOY Law’, a regular segment where we discuss legal issues of interest to the LGBTI and ally community.

Join the team each Tuesday at 4.45pm on JOY 94.9 to learn more about:

  • family law advice for rainbow families
  • surrogacy
  • sperm and egg donation agreements
  • adoption and co-parenting
  • estate planning
  • succession planning, and
  • taxation.

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