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That’s right folks. This is the last ever podcast produced by the team that not only love Salt and Pepper but occasionally may hide things in their podcasts… to see if Serena checks my work. Maybe she does.

Tonight Serena is joined by the Australian entertainment icon Noni Hazlehurst. The two interview retired auxiliary bishop of Sydney Geoffrey Robinson about his fight to stop sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He wants the Pope to say no sexual predators and support victims. Mr Robinson said the Catholic church was full of believers sick and tired of their church being torn down by criminals.

Serena and Noni continue onto fighting the misogyny women battle throughout Australia and the World on a day-to-day basis. Joy Radio is also questioned on its lack of women in comparison to its male membership. Where are all the women at?

Noni sings. It’s pretty awesome, some would say ‘gold’. ┬áThere are notes hit this podcaster didn’t even know existed.


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