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Stevie O’Cuana and The Squeamer return with Part 2 of Aussie Women in Aussie Comics for Australia’s National long weekend !

It is the end of Australia Day and the really BEST way to recognise this at times controversal day not with flag waving but instead by celebrating the gender diversity in Aussie Comics in this big, Big Country in the South !

So who makes the comics in this country?  Is there a gender divide, or gender equality?  We ask some of these questions to the last of our special contributors women who have experienced the difference of being Female in a traditionally Male inclusive genre…but it is interesting those experiences are as diverse as they are at times provocative and provoking of some thought and contemplation of what makes Aussie Comics what they are today.

But the future looks very bright!

Stevie and Squeamer chatted to Caitlin Major one of the halves of a fantastic and exciting comic called Space Pyrates, Alisha Jade and her unique comic creator style and finally a return of Julie Ditrich comics writer and business woman and mentor and her wide and varied background and what she thinks the future holds for women creators and…..

some EXCITING News announcements on some awesome events in comics coming soon in 2014!!

Listen in to this Special Patriotic Podcast to find out what those are and much, much more …



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