The Ledger Awards 2014: Nat Karmichael on John Dixon



The Ledger for John Dixon for Podcast final

John Dixon is awarded a very special Ledger Award:

‘A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Dixon’s first comic book was Tim Valour, whose title character was an adventure-seeking pilot, who got involved in science-fiction-styled adventures. Dixon subsequently changed direction, making Valour into an agent of the International Security Organisation, battling saboteurs and super-villains. ‘ Pen name :  John Dangar Dixon

Accepting the Platinum Ledger Award

We spoke to Nat Karmichael who was present at The Ledgers Awards night in Melbourne to collect the Platinum Ledger Award on behalf of John Dixon, Aussie comics maker and legend!

I am truly honoured and humbled to accept this Ledger Award for Lifetime Achievement in Australian Comics on behalf of my friend John Dixon. Thank you.’    Nat Karmichael.

Nat’s site: Ozcomic

John Dixon HERE 

Many thanks to Nat Kartmichael for his participation in this Podcast.