The Love of The Game : Armello


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Episode # 17  Tuesday April the 29th 10-11pm Joy 949 studios

In the Joy studios we have the longest DylStick Episode EVER!!       With Dyl Adler is The Squeamer ,  and Laura Crawford returns with the League of Geeks ( 2 of them ) Game Developers : Trent Kusters and Jacek Tuschewski to chat about their 3 year passion coming to life , a video game like no other in creation : ARMELLO  !

  • “Armello might just have stumbled onto that elusive formula where it transcends traditional genre preferences.” 
    – Richard Moss, MacLife

Armello is a video game that is intriguing and different as it is a Board/Table Top game digitally translated thus

in their own words as:       ‘Armello is League of Geeks’ attempt to revolutionise digital board and card games, whilst providing players a rich world within which they can craft their very own stories of epic adventure.’

From website:  ARMELLO


They talk about League of Geeks and the journey to develop this fascinating game of animal heroes..and villains…

And how League of Geeks is a ‘game development collective’ ,  Free to Play games ( how they ain’t that free!) , the Melbourne games developers and gaming community, the Historical Sense of The Fable and how that and Redwall influenced the creation of Armello . 

L.O.G’s Trent and Jacek, and Laura also discussed with the Squeamer and DylStick the importance of equal representation of Females in Armello and in Games how important it is to have “the idea of diversity in games” touching further in the chat about Transgender characters and how necessary that is in today’s games.

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So listen to this Podcast and find out more about this wonderfully rich and Diverse video game…coming soon!


IGN  and all the Armello trailers HERE 

Armello FACEBOOK page HERE

More Redwall ( if you are interested..)

AMAZING Armello Art (unofficial artwork by admirers of the game)

BIO: Laura Crawford : 

Laura Crawford is a lecturer, consultant and PhD candidate in the area of attraction to screen violence. She speaks frequently at conferences nationally and internationally on this topic. She is heavily involved in Melbourne’s games community, speaking at and facilitating events and discussions pertaining to violence in games, independent game design and social issues within the industry. She teaches game design and media theory at Swinburne University of Technology. Her favourite game remains Impossible Mission II. Eight year old would have Laura approved of this, though she also loved leg warmers so there’s no accounting for taste.

On the Music for the Game:

‘As lovers of incredible soundtracks and grand soundscapes, we knew the sonic vistas of Armello had to be extraordinary. The team we’ve got on board are not only incredibly talented, but also world renowned stars. Michael Allen from his chart surfing pop songs to moving soundtracks and Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance, Gladiator, Samsara, The Insider) whose voice and composition have created some of the most heart moving music ever created.

The soundtrack and sound effects will be produced and mastered by Armello’s audio director, Jacek Tuschewski, who has shipped over thirty games and worked with internationally acclaimed virtuosos like Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Jeff Rona, Klaus Badelt and Zbigniew Preisner on Academy Award winning films, theatre productions and sound installations.’

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