What We Do In The Second Breakfast on JOY 949


2ND KAI TIME !!  In the studio at JOY 949 in Melbourne The Squeamer does her SECOND BREAKFAST thing with special guest Taika Waititi the film maker and actor of all things Good as Gold Kiwi such as Eagle VS Shark and Boy and now What We Do in The Shadows a film about a sharehouse/flat and some vampires who live in it in Vellington!

Taika 1IMG_4328

So  what has the reception for the film been like overseas ?   What it is like to be  one of the few Maori film makers alongside Jemaine Clement  (himself and Jemaine share directorial duties for this new vampire film  )….

Below the movie BOY (trailer): the #1 Box office sensation !!

Who is his favourite Superhero?          What of those Flight of  the Conchord rumours? ……and much more….



and what about Queer characters in any of his future projects..?

What We Do In The Shadows website

Below: What We Do In The Shadows trailer:

Below Taika and The Squeamer at JOY 949 Thursday the 4th of September 2014…SECOND KAI TIME!!

Taika 4IMG_4339Taika Live Second Breakfast