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Episode # 44 (technically show # 244 !) Live in the JOY 949 studios Tuesday the 11th of November 2014……………..with Matt Emery from Pikitia Press to take us away on a journey through Ausiwi ( Aussie and Kiwi ) comics culture with his Paper Trail segment!

Matt talks about all those lovely comics here and Ausiwis abroad from Simon Hanselmann :

Simon Hanselmann is a Tasmanian born underground cartoonist best known for his “Megg, Mogg and Owl” series.In July 2013 it was announced that Fantagraphics Books would publish a 200 page collection of strips by Hanselmann, Megahex’

simon hanselmann 1

Matt helped us keep up with comics activities and highlighted  some creators here like Squish Face Studios  and Tom Taylor’s Superior Iron Man # 1, Andrez Bergen’s Bullet Gal Kickstarter campaign and Tasmanian artist Eleri ,CHCH cartoonist Katie O/Neill/Strangely Kate, Square Planet Comics and a something different and non comics : little riff on the newest thing at Malvern Theatre ... a play about Dracula!!


squish facezine

Sonja The Squeamer talked about Flame Con too, a soon to be realised ( in May 2015) THE LGBTIQ Geek Convention in New York City!

flame con image 1

Flame Con details here..and HOW to SUPPORT !

and here is the LINK to our friends Geeks OUT!

With a few moments to talk about Monster Fest 2014 and Stranger With My Face Film Festival it was a busy show!






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