Innuendo on Squeam


Episode 254, January the 20th 2015 in the JOY Studios, Sonja The Squeamer entertains the latest guests on the show including film maker and actress Saara Lamberg as she talks about her awarding winning script now in production to be a film. It’s called INNUENDO and it needs support with a special campaign ! Find out much much more by listening to this PODCAST!

saara lamberg innuendo image 3


Plus we have Tina Rodi in the studio talking TV and things and The Squeamer spoke to Kenton Penley Miller about his cartoons and Cartooning With Pride   which is on the Weds 28th of Jan at 7pm here in Melbourne town! And Sebastian Mittelman returns as well !

gillian dark suit

And we had the Gillian Anderson CRUSH with the release of The Fall Season ONE out on DVD !