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‘Ah, the dream realized!

alisha jade in joy 1

Minicomicon is an event planned for February 2015 celebrating minicomics! I’ve met with the venue, who are very enthusiastic, and have a list of awesome guests I’m super keen to get!

This will be a day of making minicomics, talking minicomics, reading minicomics, and buying minicomics from some super awesome local creators! Celebrate!’ Alisha Jade’s Mini comic con website!

Yes, The Squeamer – Sonja Hammer at last gets awesome comics artist creator Alisha Jade in the studio at JOY 949 ( for the very time not over the phone line! ) to talk about Zines and something called MINICOMICON to be held this Saturday the 28th of February in Brisbane at The Edge !

i grew up beautiful 2

So WHAT is a MINI COMIC? find out by listening to this Podcast with the fabulous and very busy Alisha Jade!


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