Oz Comic Con 2015: Mark Leslie Ford and a film called Stray.

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Sonja-the Squeamer-Hammer is very lucky to talk to film producer, actor, advocate and all that and more with Mark Leslie Ford, Mark is here to introduce his LGBTIQ film to Australia , along with Emma Caulfield ( the Executive Producer)  it’s called Stray, it has a twist on the horrendous Gay Conversion Therapies found in the U.S :

‘Set in a parallel universe where the sexual bias favors homosexuals, Eric, a struggling heterosexual, admits himself into a straight conversion camp. What begins as a cure to his deviant lifestyle, becomes a journey of self acceptance.’

Stray bigger sticker

So have a listen to this podcast and find out WHAT Stray is all about and how it’s very 1st screening in Australia is exclusive at Oz Comic Melbourne 2015 !


See Mark at Queer Geeks of Oz at 1pm Stage 3 on Sunday the 28th and later the film Stray will be played at Stage ONE at 3.30pm with introductions by himself and his wife the wonderful Emma Caulfield!