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Episode # 282 Tuesday the 11th of August at 10pm 2015 in the JOY 949 studios. Sonja-The Squeamer is in the Joy studios with Lauren Stardust, Jess from Room 801 and Zen Fletcher talking about Fan Fic Slash and who ships who and Yaoi and Yuri, sex and sexuality in anime and TV shows in this special episode complete with Elvis and a little Xanadu …. we also have Clayton Wimshurst with his review on the film The Fantastic Four  ! Get a bit of Fan Fic and EnJOY this podcast of last weeks show!

Below: Left to Right : Lauren Stardust and Zen Fletcher 

Lauren and Zen

So get ya fangirl/boy ON and Ship This Podcast!

Welcome to Girl+Girl and Boy+Boy: The Fan Love Show !

Below : Left to Right Jess from ROOM 801, Zen Fletcher and Lauren Stardust .

Jess  Zen and Lauren in JOY

What is Yaoi and Yuri? 

Japanese Anime and Manga


Ship Wincest




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