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Sonja the Squeamer and Claytox embark on a second Melbourne International Film Festival adventure, with another four films.


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The duo kicks things off with the rather bloody Baskin (translatin ‘Raid’). Directed by Can Evrenol, this film is only the 8th Turkish film to be released in the United States. A group of police officers head to provide backup but ended up in a hellish nightmare reality.




neon-demonThe Neon Demon AbbyThe Squeamer informs us about her experiences with the much anticipated The Neon Demon, the new film by Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Drive and Only God Forgives. Dissecting the world of fashion, “An intoxicating eyegasm to behold, the film draws inspiration from sources as varied as the legends of Narcissus and the Countess Báthory, Italian giallo and Alejandro Jodorowsky, Black Swan and Suspiria, and it absolutely revels in its psychedelic, psychotic excess.” (MIFF website)




Next up, the two head to the seas with The Lure. Two mermaids decide to join the land of the two legged and do what all good sirens do, join a band at an adult night club. As the two start snacking on those who get in their way, they make choices that complicate their lives. This musical (yep, you read that correctly) is directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska.



highriseballard-high-riseFinally, Sonja again goes it alone to look at Ben Wheatley’s High Rise. Based on the novel by JG Ballard, we get a look into the lives of the residents of a tower block of everyone’s dream.



Look out for more Sci Fi and Squeam Undead coming soon.



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