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Sonja- The Squeamer- Hammer speaks with founder of Melbourne Queer Comics ClubHaydn Klemm, talking the comicsverse in the JOY 949 studios. They talk comics and the latest in Queer stories and Diverse characters in comics from Marvel and DC, what is the comic club all about, and which comic book are they covering this month, as they discuss the sexism and misogyny in comics and what is coming up in the World of Comics including the crossover from comics to online television,movies and more.


LINKS HERE of topics and News discussed in this Podcast:

America Chavez, Women in Comics Festival at AllStar Comics in December 2016 and events at ACMI, Chelsea Cain, Queer Women of Colour in comics , Jessica Jones Season 2, Ariell Johnson and Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse,Princess Princess by Katie O’Neill.

Below: America Chavez


Below: the awesome cover from Marvel of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse’s Ariell Johnson.


Below: Melbourne Queer Comic Club’s Haydn Klemm and #LGBTFansDeserveBetter T Shirt:

‘Help spread the message about positive LGBT representation in the media! So far, 2016 has not been the greatest year for LGBT representation in the media. In 6 months, we’ve had to watch countless LGBT role models die at the hands of tone-deaf show runners and writers. LGBT fans deserve better. Storytellers must do better.

We’ve created a shirt so everyone can proudly announce their support for positive LGBT representation in the media while also highlighting The Lexa Pledge. Our hope is that these shirts can help spread the word about the movement and create a dialogue. LGBT+ characters are neither disposable nor expendable, and it is time society become further aware that fact.’



Both Haydn and Sonja strongly disapprove of the sexist harassment online of Chelsea Cain, and of any women online.More details here:

‘This isn’t the first time that a woman has been attacked for being a minority in her industry: The Gamer Gate movement on Twitter harassed female videogame developers like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, and attacked actress and activist Ashley Judd for tweeting about sports. The Washington Post dubbed the controversy “a battle over who belongs to the mainstream—and as such, it’s a battle for our cultural soul.” Cain’s experience on Twitter reflects similar pitfalls in the comic-book industry, where female authors and characters lag far behind their male counterparts.’

Below the Mockingbird comic cover that caused many male tears and ended with the woman creator to be driven off twitter due to harassment.


Sonja also mentions briefly the new book called Queer A Graphic History by Meg-John Barker and cartoons and illustrations by Julia Scheele.


What’s it about:

‘Queer: A Graphic History is a groundbreaking non-fiction comic book that tells the histories of queer thought and activism. At its heart are questions and ideas relevant to everybody, such as whether we have fixed identities, understanding gender as a performance, and challenging binaries such as gay/straight or nature/nurture.

Bringing together pop-culture, activism and academic theory, Queer: A Graphic History explores the various ways in which people have wrestled with issues of sexual identity and behaviour, from studies like Alfred Kinsey’s view of sexuality as a spectrum, to Johnson and Masters’ research into sexual response. It also explores queer moments or directions in everything from Sherlock Holmes to Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz.’

Published by ICON BOOKS,U.K. 

Below,Left: Haydn Klemm and artwork by Astro Twitch , and Right: Women in Comics Festival coming soon in December.


Thanks to Haydn Klemm and Andy Hawken.

Footnote, Sonja apologises that she incorrectly named the Blood Orange song on the podcast,it is in fact called I KNOW.


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