Two Worlds and In Between – A Love Letter to Residual Media


Jason Moad  a realist painter based in Melbourne chats to the Sunday Arts team on his philosophy and the realisation of a series of ‘tangibly extravagant’ works featured at Fox Galleries in Langridge street Collingwood.
His current focus is a series of paintings that amount to a love letter to residual media – the kind you can’t download.
His subjects under exquisitely detailed scrutiny are succulents – these reflect both a change of focus and also personal philosophy. Although his initial interest in these plants was aesthetic, he was impressed by the aura of presence and personality they project – that of personhood.

Most of his subjects are drawn from The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and, so isolating them against plain backgrounds also hints at the way they have been dislocated from their native environments and transplanted halfway around the world; in effect treating them as Object, rather than Subject.

Regardless, they loom like Triffids; self-possessed and with their own agency.