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From Jason Coleman’s epic all-human animal stage show, The Humanimals, comes the online adaptation for young children created especially for these ‘stuck at home’ times.


An opportunity to learn fun facts about animals through educational song and dance scenes, encased in clever choreography, with giggles galore, witty wordplay, an upbeat mix of tunes and amazing costumes, The Humanimals in Lockdown is an online experience designed especially for kindergarten, preps and grade 1 students.


The Humanimals in Lockdown has been made with love by my full-time staff to assist all the parents home schooling around the country. Formulated to connect young kids to song and dance, The Humanimals in Lockdown has been recorded from our private homes and is a gift from all of us to all of you. The challenge for us going into lockdown was “what can we do?” rather than focusing on what we couldn’t do. Our full schedule of dance training is running remotely for our members but we wanted to reach out beyond this group and entertain and delight all the little ones around the country,” said Jason Coleman, CEO and Artistic Director of Ministry of Dance.

Dancer, choreographer and presenter Jason Coleman is one of Australia’s best-known personalities with over 30 years experience on stage and behind the scenes, including choreographing some of the world’s largest stadium shows such as the Sydney Olympics, the Manchester Commonwealth Games and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


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