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An exhibition of artworks created by Indigenous artists in Victorian prisons during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Being away from all my family hurts. But when I paint the blue wren it makes me think about the future when we will all be back together. Dreaming about the day all our paths bring us back together on our Country.  Jaye, Gunai/kurnai (artist)


119 Indigenous artists confined to Victorian prisons during the global pandemic have painted a brighter future for themselves, their families, their communities, their Countries and the world as a whole forFuture Dreamingvisions of the future.  Presented by The Torch, the online exhibition will run from 29 October – 31 December 2020.

The artists, who are remanded across 14 Victorian correctional facilities, are participants in The Torch’s Indigenous Art in Prisons and Community program.  They have expressed their hopes and dreams on 30cm x 30cm artworks that will be available to view and purchase online via a scrolling mosaic gallery.  This exhibition gives voice to First Nations Australians who are isolated in prison during a global pandemic, mirroring the global communities wish to reconnect with loved ones and dream of a better future.

The 119 works span emerging artists such as Mark C, whose painting River Dreaming with Seven River Totems is his first artwork submitted to The Torch, through to seasoned artists Jaye (Coming Together) and Trevor (Hunting and Gathering).  100% of the sale of each artwork goes to the artist.

The Torch, which also presents the distinguished Confined exhibition annually, has faced a raft of challenges with delivering face to face support to Indigenous men and women incarcerated during the COVID -19 global pandemic.

“We have been very active supporting our participants during the pandemic. In response to restrictions accessing Victorian prisons during this time, we invited our in-prison artists to dream of a brighter future and bring that future to life.


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