Jack Howard from Hunters and Collectors talks to the Sunday Arts Team.

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Jack Howard is probably best known for his role as Hunters & Collectors’ trumpet man but he has
done so much more over the years and in September 2020, he’s releasing his musical memoirs,
Small Moments Of Glory through Brolga Publishing, to tell us all about it. The book tells an
insightful and illuminating tale of Jack’s lifelong musical journey – from his early classical music
days through the heady days of H & C success; and from his solo career to his work with acts
like Rodriguez, The Living End and Midnight Oil. Authentic, self-deprecating and darkly
humorous, Small Moments Of Glory will take you inside the mind and the music of one of
Australia’s most distinctive voices.
The CD, Dog Songs, is a “best of” Jack’s Dog’s Bar residency with his mighty band of Long Lost
Brothers – and sisters. It features some powerful new songs like Reason To Believe and Melbourne
plus ripper versions of some of Jack’s great older tunes like Let Me Live and City Lights. The band
features some of Melbourne’s finest in absolutely stellar form – Ed Bates on pedal steel guitar,
Nick Del Rey on guitar, Cal McAlpine on drums, Rob Walker on bass, Fiona Lee Maynard on
backing vocals and percussion; and Amy Valent Curlis on percussion. Production from Craig
Harnath at Hothouse Audio captures the band’s live energy and power without sacrificing the rich
warmth and depth of a studio recording.