Playwright Jen Silverman’s play The Moors was done at Red Stitch in 2017 and Melbournites fell in love with her writing. Still brings more of her work to our stages and is one of her earlier works

*   The majority of the cast and creatives associated with the production are female, continuing Heartstring’s company mission where at least 50% of the actors on stage are female-identifying or non-binary

*   The play shines a light on issues really never before seen on stage about stillbirth and the impact of that in the every day

*   The humour in the play is very clever and talks about grief through the characters without sentiment, making a very fraught subject engaging

*   Heartstring Theatre are partnering with the Stillbirth Foundation for the season

*   The show opens up a discussion on female health/fertility and the stigma attached to stillbirth

Jen Silverman (obviously) sums up her work best; “My work often has a queer, feminist lens. It often uses dark comedy to ask difficult questions. It’s always character-driven. It’s often absurdist. It tends to be a little strange, a little askew. It tends toward structural shape-shifting, moments of wild theatricality—songs, dances, rituals.”