Bringing BIG Sculpture to The VegOut Community Gardens was not
dissimilar to organising a meeting of two great minds. Two great
industrious and creative minds, both independent, yet both committed
to engaging with community. Our curatorial challenge was to engage the
sculptures and the Gardens in a dialogue that was mutually respectful and
one that acknowledged each other’s achievements.
The achievements of the sculptors exhibited demonstrate, without
question, a remarkable inventiveness. The masterful manipulation of their
chosen materials shouts with the joy of aesthetic enquiry and the triumph
of hard labour. And the Gardens describe a parallel accomplishment.
A walk through this productive yet peaceful oasis reveals its variety, and
the wonder of its design traces the pleasure and industry of those who have
made it what it is today.
In seeing the two together the visitor is offered the opportunity to witness
a very special encounter. One in which we can participate; one where we
are invited to observe; one to which we can listen; one from which we can
The sculptors here represented are known, or are bound to be known,
as great practitioners in their field. In an age where utility is champion,
their unstated responsibility is to inspire other sculptors and students of
sculpture to develop their practice. So too do the Gardens, widely known
as being a benchmark for what can be saved from the appetite of urban
developers, show us a Garden for future community gardeners to aspire to.
BIG Sculpture has come to the heart of St Kilda. In the heart is The Garden.