The Amazing Cannonball Flower are 3 comedians performing a mix of sketch, theatre and stand-up with

a lot of comedy and a lot of heart. Aarti Vincent – The Delhi Theatre Addict; Kru Harale – The Mumbai Drama Queen; James G Warren – The Hobart Golden Boy, come together in the melting pot of Melbourne to perform surreal, satirical and heart-warming skits.

We believe anyone can be anything. We dare to be amazing! Aarti Vincent is our visionary impetus,

Kru Harale is our vibrant innovator, and James G Warren is along for diversity. Come find out what

two Indian girls and a white guy bring to the world of drama.


Bouncing between standup, sketch and theatre, we’ll be performing the following skits:

‘The Art Of Seduction’ is an adaptation of a very heart-warming Russian play by Anton Chekov.

In the original play set in the 19th century AD, the seducer was a good old fashioned male; in this 21st

century adaptation our seducer is played by a female. Will she allure you, entice you or win your heart?

‘The Upside Down World’ is a satirical comedic take addressing the hot topics of diversity and sexism.

A world where women rule and white is no longer a privileged race. Will this straight white male tick the diversity box? Will he stand up for his ‘masculinist values’ and say no to sexual harassment?


Aarti Vincent, blissfully ignorant about her ‘person of colour’ identity, auditioned for a white British

character within weeks of arriving in Australia. She truly believes that ‘talent outshines ethnicity’.

“Aarti, carried off her role with such wonderfully involved look that she shone” – Indian Express

“Aarti is a great storyteller, weaving life events & experiences into her stand-up routines” – Glam Adelaide

Kru Harale has a vivacious energy that crackles through her routine as she describes

her perspective about Indians, Australia, Sex and more.

“Krutika is fearless and seems to be having fun on stage” – Theatre Now

“A comedy legend in the making” – Laugh Masters Academy

James G Warren is a white Tasmanian man who delivers mail for a living and performs

for the love of it. A Connoisseur of comedy, good friends and broccoli.