Ep 112. It’s our bonus show with extra interviews and extra music on The Gender Agenda 2021


Early days.

Rowan and Rebeckah are back in the JOY94.9 studio and present a mix of new music from some of their favourite artists, along with two interviews and all our regular segments. Our first interview is with Brooke Murray. Brooke is a theatre maker, video artist and inclusion artist living on Wurundjeri land. Brooke currently works as an inclusion support artist at St Martins Youth Arts, using this learning about diversity and empowerment to inform their practice, and is the Director of Early Days, an upcoming play that will be released this year!  The following interview is with Lore BurnsLore Burns is a non-binary actor, composer, writer and cellist with a special interest in stage combat and martial arts. Since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012 with a Bachelor of Theatrical Production, Lore has pursued a varied career as a sound designer and technician, cellist, instrumental teacher, composer and actor. Lore will be performing in the upcoming play “Early Days”, directed by Brooke Murray! 

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This podcast originally aired on January 28th 2021.