Queer refugees in Australia, Journo’s Corner and AFL

Performing Arts

Renee and Tina Dixson share their story about fleeing their home country because they were queer to come to Australia.

The women want to change the narrative around refugees stories to one of hope.

They have put together a compelling exhibition for World Refugee Week called Stories About Hope. It explores the human dignity, identity and strength in people from refugee backgrounds through photography and short films. The exhibition celebrates the courage and resilience of participants who have undertaken diverse journeys to Australia throughout different points in history, and through their stories, prove that your past does not define you and can give you strength to move forward with confidence.

Then Alan and Matthew pull apart the week’s big news stories on Journo’s Corner. They’ll ask why the Victorian Government announced $500,000 to mental health services for LGBTI people if a plebiscite on marriage equality plebiscite was to go ahead. Then they explore the phenomenon of the Babadook becoming a global queer icon.

Finally, the Chicks Talking Footy bring us the latest stories in the AFL world.