It’s the end of the week on The Informer which means it’s Journos Corner, a panel show where members of the media discuss and dissect topics of the week.

Hosted by Dean Arcuri the guest panelists for this episode are former JOY and QNN reporter Matt Thompson, freelance journalist Cait Kelly and Shannon Power from The Informer and Asia Pacific Correspondent for Gay Star News.

The night before the episode aired, President Trump tweeted that transgender individuals will no longer be serving in any capacity in the US Military and cannot be burdened by the medical costs and disruption that they cause.

By using social media as the tool to announce a reversal of policy that was approved under Obama by the defence department rather than through proper channels is this a distraction?

Is this the way that law change is being handled now?

Or are we just blurring the line between personal opinion and law?

How can we change this narrative so that trans lives cannot be used as cannon fodder in political mindfields?

With such a big topic on the table it ended up centre focus for the episode, but since all members speaking were Cis, we open the episode with a word from Michelle Shepard, a Transwoman form America who hosts Trans Point of View on JOY 94.9.