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Content Warning: You may find some of this episode distressing.

You’re hosts on this episode are Daniel Roberts and Cait Kelly.

It’s a story that many have followed since March 2017 – when activists reported that up to 100 gay men in Chechnya had gone missing, sent to concentration camps and tortured.

On this episode of The Informer, we’re looking at Chechnya’s Gay purge – what has happened and why? It’s a story with multiple players, many accusations and confusing facts… but at the heart of it, this is perhaps the biggest violation on gay rights in the 21st Century.

We hear from Ian Mutchamore who interviews Charles Radcliffe from the UN.

Dan Roberts interviews Shannon Power from Gay Star News.

Audio Credit: Max Schnider, Vox, May 2017

Hind Hassan, Vice, June 2017



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