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On this episode of The Informer, we look at activism of the past and how it can influences and affect the changing narratives and approaches of young LGBTIQ activists today. As we speak to with past HIV Activist and screenwriting consultant Philippe Mangeot.

With LGBTI narratives and characters being elevated in mainstream movies and popular culture, does our queer identity still need to be explored on screen in the same way? Do we need queer film festival to tell our stories, and what spaces do they provide us culturally?

We ask Sarah Collins, who lives in Perth but travels to Victoria for the Melbourne Queer Film Festival every year.

And, has Rupaul’s drag race f’d up drag, or is it you?

With racists hate and death threats being thrown at the competitors online, and the fact that we are elevating an unrealistic expectation when it comes to queer commentary from people in a reality tv show, have we actually taken a show that marketed subversive queer culture to the mainstream, and helped it junk the shark at the expense of our identities?

This episode of The Informer was hosted by Dean Arcuri & aired on JOY 94.9


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