Keep the laughs coming while transitioning with Anna Piper Scott

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The Melbourne International Comedy Festival  is the third largest international comedy festival in the world, and this week, it has begun.

You might be thinking, so what, why is this something we are talking about here on The Informer, well, with Transgender Day of Visibility coming up on Saturday, we decided to speak to Anna Piper Scott, a transgender women who is also a comedian from Perth who is performing as a part of the Comedy Festival.

After ten years performing onstage, Anna stepped out of the spotlight to transition, and three months later stepped back in as a woman, and joins Dean Arcuri now to talk about what it is like to continue to keep the laughs going, when you’ve transitioned in such a public way.

This segment aired on The Informer on JOY 94.9 on 29th March 2018