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Television has made monumental strides internationally and in Australia. Star Trek’s newest recruits include its first non-binary and trans actors playing their rightful counterparts in the long-running franchise. The Informer reporter Emily Johnson speaks to Geeks Out trans host Miranda Sparks on why this is important for the queer community. Similarly, in Australia, the same goes, with one of the first trans roles played by trans actress Suzy Wrong in Hungry Ghosts. Suzy talks to The Informer about how her role is a step in the right direction for Australian television to be more progressive and inclusive when it comes to not only diversity but also representation.

In the literature world, Melbourne author, Scott Stuart released his new book My Shadow is Pink. Scott reveals why he wrote the book and how he hopes that it can teach kids how to feel empowered, assured and self-confident no matter what interests and hobbies they choose to embrace.


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