In recent years, HIV has become a growing concern in Indonesia, making it one of the countries with the highest cases in infection rates in Asia and the Pacific region. The Informer reporter Gavin Height speaks to Indonesian NGO caseworker Dr Sandeep Nanwani as to why this is and what the future holds for those infected, especially when it comes to treatment and the stigma behind the disease in a conservative Asian country.

The Informer reporter Beau Driscoll, and just.equal spokesperson Bryan Greg, talk about the Federal Government’s refusal to act on trans and intersex workplace discrimination and advocates finding new avenues such as turning to Labour and unions to help push the change.

With the upcoming election, many councils are participating in the Victorian Pride Lobby in pushing to make councils more LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive. To date, 251 Victorian Local Councils have taken the pledge, The Informer reporter Emily Johnson provides us with a summary.

As most things are migrating online due to the pandemic, so is Narcotics Anonymous, allowing progress in recovery without having to be face-to-face. Guest reporter Sophie Berril provides us with an insight on how these programs will operate digitally.