On the 21st of October, the NSW Parliament unanimously passed a motion in support of trans people, put together by Independent member of Sydney Alex Greenwich. This motion is to provide more support services for the trans community as well as support on trans’ issues.

Keep up to date with us as the US election is only six days away, Emily Johnson provides us with a breakdown of everything you need to know with one of the most intense second debates in American history.

Beau Driscoll brings us a report on trans and diverse mental health issues and speaks to members of the trans community about their experience being a trans person during the pandemic. For trans support services go to Trans Pride Australia.

Elderly LGBT people are one of the most vulnerable communities especially during the pandemic who experience isolation and loneliness. Switchboard Australia has been working for half a decade to address this issue with its program Out and About.

Switchboard Australia CEO Joe Ball tells us more about this program and why it matters.