Germany’s anti-hate speech laws tested | Combating increasing HIV rates in Indonesia | Frontline healthcare worker dealing with covid | The Informer 12 Aug 2021

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– Germany has some of the toughest anti-hate speech laws in the world and they were tested for the first time in the country’s highest court after Facebook removed several posts deemed hateful. While the laws make it easier to challenge and remove online hate speech, the laws have caused some concern for civil rights observers, with potential for them to be misused to stifle political dissent.

– Indonesia has one of the fastest growth rates of HIV in the region. We speak with a researcher and health professional from Java about the political causes of the rise and the creative ways advocates are working to turn the tide on rising infections.

– With people battling and dying from covid in hospitals, we speak with a frontline healthcare worker who treated patients during the UK’s first wave.