HIV cure trials in Vic. | Impacts of Grindr | Russian film challenges homophobia | The Informer – 2 Sep 2021

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– Drug trials for a HIV cure are about to begin in Victoria. We speak with a lead researcher of the trial, along with Thorne Harbour Health and Living Positive Victoria about the impact a cure could have on affected people.

– Grindr has revolutionised how many queer people meet globally, allowing people to explore their sexuality discreetly, easily meet queer locals while traveling, make new friends, and of course, find sex. But it’s not all good news. We hear from researchers studying some of the app’s impacts, including addiction and perpetuating hierarchies.

– Under President Putin, Russia has become increasingly more hostile towards sexual and gender minorities. We speak with the creators of a new Russian short film that aims to counter negative rhetoric, who risk falling foul of anti-LGBT laws merely for making the film.