The extraordinary Sadia Sadia

The extraordinary Sadia Sadia

Gillian’s co-host this week Sadia Sadia is an award winning record producer, one of the first women to be signed by a major label who has gone on to be a groundbreaking installation artist. She is currently in Australia on an RMIT Research Scholarship to complete her PhD on why people have transcendent experiences.

The music chosen for this program was either produced, written or remixed by Sadia, her long time collaborator Steven W Tayler or her daughter Simon and includes Respect produced for the Unite Against Racism campaign, Britney Spears, a Kate Bush remix and a brand new track from UK band The Fixx.

In a broad ranging discussion we find out about Sadia’s choice in names; what supplies she took for a drive across Death Valley; her connections with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush (and more about Gillian’s fondness for KB) and why she thinks post menopausal women are an underused, underrated goldmine of a resource who should be ruling the world.