Queen of the Breath Orgasm


Returning to the show this week is Barbara Carrellas, award winning theatre manager, sex-educator, actor and author of the best seller Urban Tantra (a revised edition Urban Tantra – Sacred Sex for the 21st Century will be out in November).  Barbara tells Gillian how her career as a sex educator began at a healing circle in New York during the AIDS epidemic where she met people, including Annie Sprinkle, interested in developing Ecstatic Safe Sex. She and Annie became Sex Nerd Lab Rats together and experimented with using Tantra, breathing, energy patterns, sex sounds and massage to achieve sexual ecstasy.  Based on her research she developed a series of Sacred Sex workshops that she has delivered around the world since 1992.  These workshops now include gender non-conforming classes, and she recently taught Caitlyn Jenner about gender-free orgasms. Barbara’s music to move to includes tracks from Salt N Pepa, Kylie Minogue, the Divinyls and Nomad