Justice For Jasmine, Justice For Dora

Sexuality, Society & Culture



The 19th of July was a snap international day of protest remembering two sex workers who were recently murdered. Sex workers quickly mobilised to stage actions, vigils and demonstrations in 36 cities all throughout the world. We’ll speak to sex workers about organising this amazing global movement and discuss how policies- in particular, “The Swedish Model”- have had an impact on the lives of sex workers.

We speak to:
*Janelle Fawkes, CEO, Scarlet Alliance (Australia)
*Ari Ariari, Coordinator of the Australian protests
*Luca Stevenson, International Committee for the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (Scotland)
*Pye Jakobsson, Coordinator, Rose Alliance (Sweden)


Twitter Hashtags: #JusticeForJasmine  #JusticeForDora  #Stigma Kills