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Tom’s biological clock is ticking and he wants to know how to get in shape before he turns the big 5-0… without changing his leisurely lifestyle one iota!

In today’s hot topics…

  • Kids are increasingly listing “social media superstar” as their best job prospect.
  • Andy’s testing a new pill that could give you bigger bits.
  • Sweet-tooths are divided when it comes to best consuming their treats.

Plus we speak to Melbourne City Mission’s CEO Vicki Sutton about raising money for youth homelessness at their annual “Sleep at the ‘G” event.


About the author: Andy


Andy has been volunteering at JOY since August 2017, podcasting for Anastasia & Warren, The GLLO Show, Word For Word, Tom & Warren, Tom & Mikey, Tom & Jess and Youth In Control, presenting Melbourne's Most Uplifting Music Mix on Thursday afternoons, and producing the Tom & Warren, Tom & Mikey and Tom & Jess breakfast shows.

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