Libraries Special Episode with Clare O’Hanlon and Anne Rowlands

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In this episode we chat with Clare O’Hanlon and Anne Rowlands, two librarians with a passion for queering the archive. We have a fascinating chat about what being a librarian is all about and how classification systems can harm trans and gender diverse people. Finally, we get an extensive recommendations list from them both for our listeners to pour over in these times of social isolation.





Are you with me now? – Cate Le bon

That’s That – Cass McCombs

Stutter – Elastica

Fluid Alex Ebert


Clare’s recommendations:

GenderQueer : voices from beyond the sexual binary

Queering the Catalog: Queer Theory and the Politics of Correction

Transgender Studies Quarterly 

Knowledge Industries Need Queerying 

One from the Vaults Podcast 

Genderqueer: A Memoir

Danger Music

Alison Evans 

Confessions of the Fox 

Queer Digital Histories Project 

Museum of Transology 


Anne’s Trove Lists

Anne’s Recommendations

About a Girl

Transgender communication studies : Histories, trends, and trajectories

Gender Rebels Podcast 

Questionable Content Webcomic 

El Goonish Shive Webcomic 

Transgender Archives