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You’re in for a treat because we have a special episode out for you! Ruby chats to Lynette from TheBiCast in the United States!
Arising from a need to provide safe spaces for multi-gender attracted communities, TheBiCast has provided amazing coverage, advocacy and activism around the world for almost 5 years! You can imagine our excitement when they reached out to us to talk!

One of the problems facing bisexual communities is a lack of visibility, and to have another team of advocates and activist in another part of the world means the absolute world to us here at Triple Bi-Pass, and we hope it does to you to.
Please listen and enjoy this amazing exchange of bisexual knowledge and mutual admiration. We love you all! <3

Check out TheBiCast here, and follow them on twitter here!

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Triple Bi-Pass broadcasts from Wurunjeri land in the Kulin nations. We pay respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge that we are on stolen land on which first nations sovereignty was never ceded



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