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Image result for bi and polyJames and Anthony are chatting with Anne Hunter from Poly Vic about being bisexual and polyamorous. Anne has facilitated many polyamorous discussion groups and social events within and without the polyamorous community, as well as running educational workshops, lectures and focus groups around Australia. Anne is a leader in poly-education and poly-support in Australia and has been involved in documentaries, media interviews and conducting research about ethical non-monogamous and poly relationships and poly parenting. Anne sheds light on how decisions are made, how needs are negotiated, how jealously is looked after, as well as how to decide on how and when to ‘come out’ as poly. You don’t want to miss this podcast!


About the author: Anthony


Anthony Lekkas is a co-host, podcaster and producer on the Triple Bi-Pass show. He has previously produced and presented shows for Well Well Well. He is a Bi activist and has a passion for human rights and social justice, as well as being pretty damn cute.


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