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Welcome to the BI-POLYCAST!
Brought to you by the Triple Bi-Pass show, this brand new Podcast series on being Bi+ and polyamorous is hosted by Anthony Lekkas and will be released monthly throughout 2019. On this episode, Anthony chats with Josh Muller, a psychologist who specialises in work with mental health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people and their relationships. This episode examines the different adult attachment styles we learn in childhood and how we bring them to our adult intimate, emotional, love relationships. Josh and Anthony explore our adult needs for closeness and how we protest and express our separation anxieties in polyamorous relationships, as well as sharing ideas on how we can manage these sensitive and highly emotional experiences. From all of us here at Triple Bi-Pass, we hope you enjoy this new addition to our show. Enjoy!


About the author: Anthony


Anthony Lekkas is a co-host, podcaster and producer on the Triple Bi-Pass show. He has previously produced and presented shows for Well Well Well. He is a Bi activist and has a passion for human rights and social justice, as well as being pretty damn cute.


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