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Ruby is delighted to be chatting to Triple BiPass returning guests Raina Peterson and Govind Pillai for their Midsumma 2019 performance. Third Nature takes the look, feel and smell of jasmine traditionally used in South Asian cultures to decorate women’s hair and marriage beds as inspiration for a dynamic contemporary work exploring the wildness of gender and the weirdness of human sexuality. The abundance of jasmine in this work reflects the liberty and wealth of pre-colonial South Asia, invoking an imagined future where this liberty and wealth is intact. In this world, classical Indian dancers Raina Peterson and Govind Pillai imagine what it might be like to inhabit bodies which have never been subjected to colonialism, binaries or shame.
Peterson and Pillai (In Plain Sanskrit, Bent Bollywood) make a heartfelt call for freedom and connection in this sensuous, riotous and celebratory work of lavish beauty and playful disarray. Get lost in a fantastical world where there are no binaries and no shame. You don’t want to miss this show!
This amazing show runs from Thu 31 Jan – Sat 2 Feb 2019. Get your tickets at: https://www.artshouse.com.au/events/third-nature


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Anthony Lekkas is a co-host, podcaster and producer on the Triple Bi-Pass show. He has previously produced and presented shows for Well Well Well. He is a Bi activist and has a passion for human rights and social justice, as well as being pretty damn cute.


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