This week, we’re joined by Rosie Thomas! Rosie is a phenomenal activist and advocate, utilizing activism in a wide range of projects, Rosie is Co-founder of Project Rockit, an organization dedicated to empowering and supporting young people!
As someone who is dissatisfied with the status quo and impatient for change, Rosie loves helping her audience realize their unique purpose. She is a dynamic and seasoned speaker, having personally presented to over a hundred thousand young people as well as to thousands of grown-ups on a range of national and international stages.
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Triple Bi-Pass broadcasts from Wurunjeri land in the Kulin nations. We pay respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge that we are on stolen land on which first nations sovereignty was never ceded

This episode was broadcast on the 26th February 2019

Produced by Ruby Mountford