Welcome once again! Hope you’ve had a lovely week in preparation for the new edition of Triple Bi-Pass! This week, we’ve got a full studio, with Ruby joined by Alex Xand, as well as Andrew and Nat to join the discussion and shadow us!

Alex is an artist, advocate, activist, conceptual thinker, and spoken word artist, who is here to discuss the concept of ‘Apologies’. Through discussion, we explore the power behind offence, apology, understanding and tolerance, as well as how apologies affect our relationships and identities. Especially with varied and different queer identities, how do we apologize and get it right?
Thanks to Alex for such a wonderful and insightful conversation!

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Triple Bi-Pass broadcasts from Wurunjeri land in the Kulin nations. We pay respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge that we are on stolen land on which first nations sovereignty was never ceded

This episode was broadcast on the 2nd April 2019

Produced by Ruby Mountford