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This week, we’re full up with guests, with a wonderful topic to discuss that is close to our hearts <3
We’re joined in the studio this week by Louis, Andrew, Ruby and Miranda from Geeks Out (Our beautiful neighboring show) to talk about our experiences as queer individuals and role playing games.
Most of our shared experience falls under playing Dungeons & Dragons, a tabletop role playing game centering around creating a character which you role play through a variety of scenarios refereed and managed by a single person, or ‘dungeon master’. The opportunity to create, explore and collaborate in a safe environment is understandably very desirable to a lot of us, so tune in and see what we have to say about role playing!

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Triple Bi-Pass broadcasts from Wurunjeri land in the Kulin nations. We pay respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We acknowledge that we are on stolen land on which first nations sovereignty was never ceded

This episode was broadcast on the 23th April 2019

Produced by Ruby Mountford


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