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On this Bi-Polycast Anthony talks to mental health social worker and relationship therapist Tracey from Orana Health Services about providing relationship counselling to poly and queer people.

Tracey explains why some poly people may access her services for navigating through the complexities of poly relationship tensions. Tracey and Anthony highlight the importance for relationship therapists to scrutinise the social, cultural and political structures where poly relationships are formed, as opposed to simply offering targeted interventions to the individuals in poly relationships. Tracey has over twenty years experience and training as a health professional assisting individuals, couples, families (different relationships and families including rainbow and polyamorous) with a range of needs around emotional and psychological distress, bringing an empathetic, non-judgmental and compassionate approach to the therapeutic relationship.

If you would like more information on poly relationship counselling you can contact Tracey at www.oranahealth.com.au


About the author: Anthony


Anthony Lekkas is a co-host, podcaster and producer on the Triple Bi-Pass show. He has previously produced and presented shows for Well Well Well. He is a Bi activist and has a passion for human rights and social justice, as well as being pretty damn cute.


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