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We end the year with a cracker! I am joined again by Anne Hunter and James Dominguez, both pioneers and well-known advocates in the Bisexual and Polyamory communities in Melbourne, and no strangers to Triple Bi-Pass show. This episode looks closely at the changing dynamics and nuanced structures in poly relationships as they develop and change over time. Anne and James join me to grapple with questions like, what happens if your partner finds a new partner and you end up getting along better with them than your partner does, what happens when metamours do not get along, what happens when the ‘hinge’ person makes promises they can’t keep, how do we cope with change in polyamorous relationships, what are the rules, what are others doing? Download this podcast and find out! Finally, on behalf of everyone here at Triple Bi-Pass, I want to thank all of my guests who have supported this podcast throughout 2019. It has been my absolute pleasure to make poly discussions more accessible to our community. It has felt risky at times because being more visible can subject us to much criticism and ridicule, but those of us who are bisexual and polyamorous, our partners, and those who support us deserve great respect and admiration for challenging practices and structures that limit our potential to live and love more fully and in ways that makes sense to us. I hope to bring you more episodes in 2020. With the deepest of love and gratitude, Anthony Lekkas.


About the author: Anthony


Anthony Lekkas is a co-host, podcaster and producer on the Triple Bi-Pass show. He has previously produced and presented shows for Well Well Well. He is a Bi activist and has a passion for human rights and social justice, as well as being pretty damn cute.


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