/ TripleX / Generation X / Let the music play, and may your toilet paper flourish -Triple X- 15 march 2020


Triple X on air 10 till midnight sunday, playing songs from 75-2005. This ep we played a BARRY WHITE song, either Let the music play or Cant get enough of your love. We also have Some leftovers from our birthday show, and corona music news, as shows are cancelled everywhere.

We heard from your man with Wham,  did some thinking with Sonia Dada, thought about you with Yazoo, opened our arms with Creed, took a ride with Neal Page and Del Griffin, mistook Deltas identity, rode the airwaves with the Romones, got hot with Alicia Bridges, felt the soul with Dynamic Hypnotics, hurt with John Cougar, ate some Pringles with Celeste, had some Drop bear fun with foreigners, and had a truck smash with The Dumb earth.

Tune in for our special Prince Corona report, as Celebration 2020 is postponed!


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