Car episode 31: Triple X on air tonight 10pm-midnight playing songs from 1975-2005.

Tonight America is free, and we are again celebrating presidential candidate Kanye Wests great run😆, and that Biden guy..and the fall of Trump.

We’ll play our Ye winner, either Heard ’em say, or Yeezus walks (Jesus).

Clips are from Snoop dog, Kanyes presidential analysis, who did Kim vote for?,a Mariah Metalica mashup, an all star UNICEF cast blast from the past, Will Smith and family with Sadguru, Keith Urban, a Beck/Trump loser song mashup, John Legend and Sam Smith, and hear Kylies epic Prince story! As well as one of her new tracks off the back of the infinite disco concert.

God bless 🇺🇸 😂