Its the moment we’ve waited 19 years for with a main draw win at Wimbledon to Ash Barty!!! And we are going to Barty like it’s 1999 (pretty much the last time we won it). And of course another win to Dylan Alcott.

Madge and Miley speak out in favour of the free Britney movement, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis finally fly solo, Boy George prides it up, and we have Prince shoe news, I smell a Prince report!

Hear songs from Stonebridge ft Therese, The Simpsons, Backstreet boys, Pink!, Bee Gees, Boyz 11 men,Some leftover loser show songs from last week, and a number of requests for Ash, Jam & Lewis.

We are also playing a Split enz song from NZ/Aussie stars split And, either I got you, or Message to my girl.

Why don’t you come join my BARTY!!???