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International Womans Day 2019, Hip Hop MCs and Fly Girls Special


  1. DOIN’ THE DO Betty Boo 1990
  2. EXPRESSION Salt ‘n’ Pepa 1992
  4. ROK DA HOUSE The Beatmasters feat. The Cookie Crew 1987
  5. GET IN THE GROOVE Wee Papa Girl Rappers 1990
  6. FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM Mel & Kim 1987
  7. SUCKER DJ Dimples D 1990
  8. WHAT’S GOING ON MEKON? Mekon feat. Roxanne Shante 1995
  9. GOT TO GET Rob ‘n’ Raz feat. Leila K 1989
  10. SHOCKED (DNA Mix) Kylie Minogue feat. Jazzi P 1991
  11. PUMP IT (NICE AN’ HARD) Icy Blu 1991
  12. TOUCH ME (ALL NIGHT LONG) Wish & Fonda Rae 1984


  1. FLY GIRL Queen Latifah 1991
  2. BUFFALO STANCE Neneh Cherry 1989
  3. GOT A LOVE FOR YOU Jomanda 1990
  4. DON’T WALK AWAY Jade 1992
  5. IT’S A SHAME (MY SISTER) Monie Love feat. true image 1990
  6. FEEL THE RHYTHM Jazzi P 1990
  7. THE ONLY WAY IS UP Yazz & The Plastic Population 1988
  8. HEY MUSIC LOVER S’Xpress 1989
  9. PEOPLE HOLD ON Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield 1989
  10. GIPSY WOMAN Crystal Waters 1991
  11. THE SLIGHTEST TOUCH Five Star 1987
  12. GET UP (BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER) Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K 1989




About the author: Robbie


Robbie started spinning records as soon as he was tall enough to reach the turntable on top of the family stereo. At the age of 12, a career in radio was forged on community station Gippsland FM where he hosted a variety of shows including The Driving Force, an early morning breakfast slot and late night specialist music show, 45RPM. Robbie returned to his passion here at JOY 94.9 in 2013 as presenter of Turn The Beat Around.


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