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This Unicorn Youth was all about LGBTQIA+ Healthcare.
We found out how to access LGBTQIA+ specific healthcare, where to seek assistance for physical and mental health and if there are particular health issues we should be aware of as queer young people.

We spoke to GP at Monash University and Headspace Dr Rob Kielty, Director of telephone and web counseling service Switchboard, Jo Ball, and trans school student Charlie.
In the final minutes of the show, we received a question from Unicorn Youth listener, Glenn. Which we didn’t have time to address on air so we will address here:
Q. Hi Joy, I would love to know if there is some push back from doctors when you ask for PREP. I remember asking 8 months ago and my doctor said I wasn’t high risk enough but I still wanted to go on it.
A. Dr Rob Kielty recommends that you speak to another doctor. Your doctor may have had some concerns with the side-effects of PREP but it may be worth speaking to another doctor to get a second opinion.





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